Power of Scotland 15 -- 3rd May 2014

8to1 Tournament

The POS 8to1 Muay Thai Tournament sanctioned by the WMC, is the most exciting feature in the event and will be attracting some of the best Muay Thai fighters from around the world.

The POS 8to1 Muay Thai Tournament adopts the rules and regulations set by the sports International Governing Body the World Muaythai Council (WMC).

Each round will be fought over 3 x 3min rounds with 1 min break with Full Thai Rules from the start.

Muay Thai is scored differently to Boxing and Kickboxing. Judges are not concerned with the volume of strikes thrown, but focus on the visible effect that the techniques have on the opponent.

The best scoring techniques are clean hard kicks or knees to the body, as these body shots have a dramatic affect over the duration of a bout. Other big scoring techniques are those that unbalance the opponent and are followed up with another strong strike, as well as knocking down or throwing your opponent to the floor.

In deciding the winner, judges consider the fight as a whole with more emphasis on the later rounds, as the winner will finish the strongest. A Muay Thai bout can be compared to a race, it doesn't matter who is in the lead at the start, it is only important who is in the lead and in the strongest position at the end.